HideMyAss Review


HideMyAss offers multiple free and paid services through their website. Their VPN service is called HMA Pro VPN. The company was established in the UK in 2005 by a team of Internet security experts. Their aim was to provide easy to use services that protected their users privacy and online identity. HMA Pro VPN consistently receives positive reviews from its users for its ease of use and reliability of service. By downloading a simple to set up software, users gain access to HMA Pro VPN.

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Why Use A VPN (Virtual Private Network) 

There are many different reasons people chose to use a VPN. Since we are living more and more of our lives online, many people use VPNs for added security.  Using a VPN can help encrypt your Internet use and prevents hackers from intercepting your usage. We spend an increasingly amount of time connected to insecure networks, such as public Wi-Fi hotspots, and VPNs can add security.

Once you are connected to a VPN your online identity is hidden behind an anonymous IP address that cannot be tracked back to you. This has multiple benefits. It means that if you live in a county where government monitoring of your Internet traffic is common, they cannot track your usage.

It also allows you to bypass government censorship.  In many countries, such as China, censorship blocks access to many popular sites and lots of content. Using a VPN allows you to get around this censorship by having your IP address in a country where this censorship doesn’t occur. For anyone who has lived or traveled to places like China, where popular sites such as Facebook and YouTube are blocked, this is a very useful service.

In addition to getting access to blocked content, many streaming sites are only accessible in certain countries because of licensing issues. Using a VPN allows you to access this content while you are out of the country. For example Hulu and Netflix can be accessed wherever you are in the world if you use a server located in the United States when connecting to your VPN.

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Plans And Pricing 

HMA Pro VPN offers one service that comes with three ways to pay. Like other VPN services the more time you pay for upfront the more cost effective the service is:

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All of HMA Pro VPN’s subscriptions come with access to the same features.  These include the following:

  • A 30 day money back guarantee if for any reason you are not happy with their service
  • Access to 678 VPN servers that are located in 91 different countries
  • OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP protocols
  • Free downloads of their HMA Pro VPN software
  • A service that can be used on Mac and PC, as well as phones and tablets
  • Unlimited data transfer

In addition to these services HMA allows users to access all servers without any of the usage limits that can come with other VPN services. Every time a user connects to HMA’s VPN service they are given a new IP address for added privacy. Even though HMA already has an extensive server network, they are continually expanding and adding more.

VPN Software

Using HMA Pro VPN requires installing some easy to use software. Once the software is installed its easy to connect. Users simply enter their username and password, select one of the multiple VPN servers and connect.



If there are multiple servers in a particular location they offer load balancing, which will advise you which server has the lowest number of users, so you can connect to that one. This keeps the service fast for all users.

Selecting A Server Location


Servers are categorized by country and a list of VPN server locations is automatically downloaded with your software. Typically selecting servers that are close to your physical location will provide the fastest connection.


There is also an option to randomize server selection, further protecting your anonymity.

IP Address Settings


HMA Pro VPN’s settings allow you to randomly change your IP address on time intervals of your choosing. It is also possible to track the different IP’s you have used if you choose to use this feature. This makes it easy to use preferred IPs more than once.

Secure IP Bind


This service forces selected applications to only establish an Internet connection if you are connected to your VPN. This means that you can ensure these applications will only be used behind the security of a VPN. If, for some reason, your VPN connection is lost these applications will not open.

Speed Guide


HMA Pro VPN has multiple speed guide tests that allow users to find the fastest connection. They include:

  • Ping Test: Ping measures latency between your ISP and HMA’s VPN servers ISP.  Faster VPN speeds occur with lower ping rates.
  • Express Test: This test measures both your ping rates and download and upload speeds.
  • Full Test: This does the same as the Express test, but does more extensive download and upload tests based on a users actual connection speed.

Preforming these easy to run tests allow users to select the fastest VPN connection for them.

Web Proxy

HideMyAss offers a free web proxy. It allows everyone, not just its subscribers, to surf the Internet anonymously. HMA’s web proxy allows individuals to:

  • Hide their own IP address while surfing the web
  • Offers a secure internet connection for its users
  • Hides a users history while using the internet
  • Helps protect a user’s online identity

In order to access this free service users simply visit HideMyAss’s website and start surfing the Internet through their web proxy.

There is no software required to access this service and unlike many free proxy services it does not include pop-up adds on every page you visit.

Different Between Using Web Proxy VS Pro VPN

The web proxy service does not come with all the benefits of a paid VPN service. These are the services that come with both, although sometimes at different levels:

  • Both offer anonymous surfing of the internet
  • Both services will hide your IP address
  • The web proxy offers 36 IP addresses, while the Pro VPN services offers 60,239
  • The web proxy has IP addresses in 3 countries, while the VPN service has IP addresses in 63 countries

The differences are that Pro VPN encrypts all traffic, while the web proxy does not. Pro VPN also works with online TV and is very difficult to block, both of which are not the case with the web proxy.

Customer Service

HideMyAss’s website has a blog section full of useful information about all their services. Divided up by service and then topics within each service, most of your questions can be answered in a few clicks. They have managed to create a very active network of users who ask and answer questions.

They also have a tab on the side on the blog homepage titled “Help.” If you press this button you can type in any question or area you need help with and it will direct you to relevant information.

In addition to their blog HideMyAss offers support to all its users, paid or free, and prefers to interact with its users via email. Their website states they will aim to answer all email inquires within 12 hours. If you email them between the hours of 8:00AM and 7:00PM GMT the average wait time for a response is only an hour.

12 hours a day there is a live chat option that appears on the bottom right hand corner of all VPN pages. This option allows for quick feedback from a trained customer service representative.

Their website does not provide a phone number to call with inquires or technical questions.


HideMyAss offers a competitively priced service that is pretty straightforward to use. By paying for a year of use upfront users can save 43% of the cost they would pay if they paid month by month for that same year. The company’s website is very interactive and full of useful information about their services, especially on the blog, which contains answers to any questions you may have.

They have an extensive network of servers in over 60 countries and over 60,000 different IP addresses making it a very global provider. Their speed tests allow users to establish the fastest connection for them, which can save a lot of time.

HMA Pro VPN consistently receives high ratings for being easy to use. It is rare that users encounter any issues while using the service, which is not always the case while using a VPN service. They do not have the extensive, 24 hour, customer service that some providers do, but their blog does provide the answers to most questions a user could have.

HideMyAss is so confident that users will like their service that they offer a 30 day money back guarantee, which means you really have nothing to lose by trying out their service.

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